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Family Martial Arts


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Anytime you are wondering if inclement weather is going to force us to close for the night, there are 3 places we will use to notify you:

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Website (this page)

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ATA Family Martial Arts in Aurora Colorado and is the largest American Taekwondo Association affiliated school in the region, including Colorado, New Mexico, and western Kansas. Founded in 1994 by 7th Degree Black Belt Master Ramsey Cross, the school celebrated its 17th year in May 2011.

If you're considering Taekwondo, call to schedule your introductory class today! We know you'll enjoy your time with us, so

call us now at (303) 690-0560 !

Or e-mail us at: L.Rieger@ATAFMA.com

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  Testing Schedule

Future Testing Dates *

February 25-27

April 22-24

Black Belts testings will rotate between the ATAFMA locations in Louisville, Ft. Collins and Aurora.

Black Belts may mid-term at any testing, but will be required to do most of their mid-terms and testings at the large group testings in April, August and December.

* Dates can change due to unknown regional event dates  (ie: tournaments or camps).  Keep checking dates here, Facebook and the in-school Announcements TV for updates.

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We are implementing a new communication system using email, effective immediately.  It will be important to be in on this list so you know what is happening in our school since outside of class, this will be our primary method of communication with our students.  We know our communication has sometimes lacked in the past and we are hoping this will help make sure you know what is happening in the school and that you have all the information you need!

We won't fill your inbox with emails, but we'll send updates on upcoming events, new things that are happening in the school, information on school closures, etc.  Stay in the loop, please follow this link to sign up for the email updates!

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Upcoming Events:

P90X Classes Offered

We are starting a new Adult Fitness program- P90X !!

Mr. Feldman a Certified P90x instructor is heading up this new program.

JOIN US for this exciting way of getting into shape!